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Wild places are the antidote to modern life. We all move through our routines craving quiet time or grand adventures in a landscape that is different—a beach, a mountain, a desert. The imagery of vacation, of the land and its creatures, that fills our heads can be hard to capture. Yet those pictures are the key to survival of the everyday. They are the visual triggers that allow a daydream escape while still seated in an office. Capturing the best possible images of those adventures in nature is what Focused Wild is all about. We want to provide both the exposure to wild and the focused images that keep your experience going long after.


We take you to the places and guide you through the photography experience with the goal of providing quality time in nature, a sense of history of the place, and the images you have always wanted to take. We will encourage you to explore your personal boundaries and push your emotional comfort zones with your camera and boldness in nature.


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About Us

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"I would definitely recommend Amy's workshops to anyone wanting to improve their photography. I knew I wanted to learn more about sunrise/sunset but had no idea how much I’d love the birds. Thank you Amy it truly was one of the best experiences I’ve had with photography ever."

Mary E.

Our Guides

Amy Johnson

From math teacher, to dog sports photographer, to wildlife photographer, to photography instructor, Amy's career has taken her in variety of directions.  With over 20 years of photography experience, she shares her strong technical skills and distinct visual voice with her students and clients.  


Melissa DeBoer Alcorn

Melissa is a writer, photographer, outdoor adventurer with passion for national parks and public lands. With extensive trail miles, paddle days, ski instructor hours, wilderness first responder certification, and a guide’s spirit, she has the experience and desire to customize any adventure to match the adventurer, and particularly seeks to get more women and girls in the wild.


A Natural Partnership

Twenty-five years ago, a physics major and a chemistry major (with a Dodge k-car) set out for a road trip to the desert. Never imagined we'd wind our way through individual evolution in creative endeavors and meet back together again. Now we plot photography workshops in epic landscapes!




3075 Clover Lane


Minnesota 55738

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