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High key photography is a powerful, evocative and often ethereal type of photography. It involves creating images where there is a dominance of white or bright tones. For nature photography, it is a type of photography that goes against most “traditional” styles and "rules" of nature photography. It requires the right circumstances – the right light, subject, and setting—in order for the magic of High Key photography to work.
When it all comes together, the results can be spectacular! This class will introduce participants to the genre of High Key photography, which can be one of the most artistic forms of nature photography that can be done in-camera and/or a combination of in-camera and post-processing.
This webinar will help you put it all together and begin photographing in high-key style! You may even find a treasure trove of images in your archives that could work perfectly for this approach!
You will learn:
  • What lighting conditions are best (and worst) for high-key photography
  • The settings that are generally recommended for creating high-key work
  • What foregrounds and backgrounds work best for high key photography
  • Composition tips for this style of photography
  • Post-processing tips to create the final look

Lisa Langell - How to Photograph Nature in High Key Style

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