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All the photo editing power that there is matters little if you don't know how to approach an image for editing. During this webinar, you'll learn a simple approach to identifying needed edits in your images. This editing process extends Bryan's Simplicity, Flow and Relationship approach to composition to build upon your field work and make the image that comes out of your camera closer to the vision you had in the field.
While editing can never fix a bad image, it can correct those uncorrectable situations you find in the outdoors. While the basics of the approach don't require a specific image editing program, Bryan will demonstrate the concepts using Lightroom. The majority of the presentation will be about reading an image, developing for flow, and global editing.
If you'd like to understand Bryan's approach to composing his landscape images, you can purchase his last webinar, Composition for Landscape Photography, from the webinar library.

Bryan Hansel - Achieve Your Vision: Intro to the Digital Darkroom

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